The Show Must Go On

I once saw a man die. I was fourteen working in a private function room in my hometown, I collected glasses and did the cleaning. I was used to all kinds of things happening there, I’d seen underage people throwing up in the toilets, which I had to clean up. I’d seen someone being stabbed, the blood of which, I also cleaned up. Nothing much shocked me anymore. Even the man dying didn’t shock me. I just watched. I felt serene through the drama, it’s because i feel like when something big is happening you don’t have to worry about all the small things anymore.

It’s all over anyway. It was someone’s fiftieth birthday party, a disco and sugary icing cake. The man fell off his chair. Other guests tried to revive him but it was clear he wasn’t breathing. The ambulance arrived but we all knew he was already dead. The lights were still up and the birthday man said that the other dead man would have wanted the party to continue. And so when the ambulance was a few miles away the lights went back down and the DI put the music back on, the guests started to dance again. All that was left of the moment was a puddle of blood and brown that had soaked into the carpet. I learnt that evening that sometimes when a person dies stuff from their bodies come out of the holes. I remember my mother was there that evening, she kept shaking her head saying ‘I can’t believe they continued the party’. It took a few weeks before the stain fully left the carpet.

Sophie Whetton


The fatal flower is the perverted shy girl, the one you wouldn’t suspect. Under a soft exterior lies a complex being with an unyielding wildness, anchored to the earth by her humble nature and inexplicable dry humour. She is the femme of now, the modern woman who’s thoughts transcend through cultures and time.

Over the coming months let ‘La Fleur Fatale’ be your guide to the hidden insights and stories of a watchful woman’s eye navigating through the ‘European’ way of life. Struggles and mishaps ensue as life is embraced and the thorny introvert femme clammers for life’s answers. All possible subjects are covered from death to Kim Kardashian and from sisterhood to the perfect strawberry frappe.

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