The buxus, cherished garden plant of the Flemish suburbanite. The most preferred form of said shrub is shaped like a ball, imitating the wholesome character of the house’s inhabitants. Balls are generally found on the path leading up to the house like two gigantic green bosoms greeting their guests. Some more adventurous Flem’s shape their decorative plants into animals such as the swan, suggestive of the romantic era. Preferably the rest of the garden must be a sheet of grass, perfectly green and trimmed, generally attended to by robotic lawn trimmers given eccentric names after classical musicians. To include a variety of plants would cause, imbalance, imperfection and the need of a leaf blower. This is also the reason for the removal of those pesky deciduous trees. Those who wish not to bother themselves with garden maintenance opt for plastic grass and buxus, much to the same effect. The Great Buxusmot invasion of 2018 caused much tension in the suburban community, some attempted to banish the insect with chemicals whilst other, more environment conscious types picked out the buxusmot by hand, both with little or no result. It led to, however, a great rise in sales in out of city garden centres with Belgians spending millions on recovering their garden atheistic. A few buxus plants transform the Flemish home from humble concrete plainness into a Parisian palace likeness fit for the receiving of local celebrities.


The fatal flower is the perverted shy girl, the one you wouldn’t suspect. Under a soft exterior lies a complex being with an unyielding wildness, anchored to the earth by her humble nature and inexplicable dry humour. She is the femme of now, the modern woman who’s thoughts transcend through cultures and time.

Over the coming months let ‘La Fleur Fatale’ be your guide to the hidden insights and stories of a watchful woman’s eye navigating through the ‘European’ way of life. Struggles and mishaps ensue as life is embraced and the thorny introvert femme clammers for life’s answers. All possible subjects are covered from death to Kim Kardashian and from sisterhood to the perfect strawberry frappe.

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